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Instant Musical Joy: The Jackson 5 – I Want You Back

No song puts me in a better mood. Fact.

You know you want to listen to this. Keep on reading for a video of the Jackson 5 which is going to make you want to wear weather-themed clothes. I now NEED a fringed top to wear while dancing around the flat to this song.

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Comfort Pop Culture: The “Last” Summer of Friends

Friends repeats on E4, Jennifer Aniston

Friends. Today. On my TV.

Friends, we’ve had our differences. No, actually that’s not true. We’ve had our indifferences. And that’s just because you’ve been part of my TV schedule for pretty much as long as I can remember.

There were the brand new episodes on a Friday night – when Ross and Rachel were in their first ‘will they, won’t they’ phase in series 1, I heard whispers of my primary school friends watching it with older siblings and parents. Then there was the one that aired during a performance of our secondary school’s version of The Sound of Music – I watched Monica and Chandler’s London rendezvous during the interval, surrounded by nazi soldiers and von Trapps, while dressed as a nun. And finally, the last ever episode – watched through tears as I sat with my boyfriend in our first flat together in Winchester. (You should know, I’m overemotional when it comes to TV and film. Hell, I cry at adverts if the music’s sad enough – the last episode of pretty much any show and I’m guaranteed to bawl.)

When it was announced that E4 were going to let the show go, and take it off air, I didn’t mind at all. It was no big deal. It’s been on forever, I’ve seen every episode at least twice or maybe three times. In fact, if it was one of the lucky four episodes on the one series 2 VHS I bought, I’ve probably seen it 20+ times. Basically, I know the episodes inside out and I was happily indifferent to the show’s imminent retirement.

But then I looked over some of the other E4 output. Hollyoaks (I still miss Jambo), One Tree Hill (neverending, and just renewed), 90210 (don’t care) and Glee (dire, but loved it at the start) for instance. Would I really be happy giving up this mostly good-quality comfort TV, and familiar faces, for those? Er, no thank you. Is this me getting older and stuck in my ways? Er, possibly.

A couple of weeks ago, I realised that Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey have become my peers. Granted they’re stuck in mid-to-late 90s fashion – which is now bizarrely on trend – and their older selves are showing their more mature looks on current shows like Mr. Sunshine (RIP), Episodes, and Cougar Town… well, the male contingent are looking older, at least. Still, I’ve caught up with their Friends-age selves.

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Girl Crush: Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth OlsenElizabeth Olsen is one of my new favourite people. Her sisters have been famous since before they could talk or walk, and are now very very rich designers. One of the first clients that they styled was actress Lizzie, who now wears their designs on red carpets as she makes a name for herself as one of the stars of the future. Originally focused on theatre, she’s now made the leap to the big screen. She had a successful Sundance where she promoted two movies, and she’s been at Cannes this year promoting Martha Marcy May Marlene – earning great reviews for her performance. Lizzie will also be seen on the big screen with Robert De Niro in the upcoming Red Lights, and is balancing her snowballing film career with her NYU studies. Smart, cute, uber-talented and stylish can’t wait to see what she does next!

Check out the trailer for Martha… under the cut.

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LASH Loves: The Lonely Island feat. Michael Bolton

  1. It’s The Lonely Island… so I was already pretty much sold.
  2. Andy Samberg. He has one of my favourite expressive faces on TV (see also: Aziz Ansari) and everything I see him in that isn’t an SNL sketch – except music videos – makes me laugh. Whether it’s funny or just his face. I don’t think I will ever really understand the humour in most of the sketches on SNL…  but, I do often appreciate what people do afterwards – recently Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler etc.
  3. It made me laugh a lot from that first chorus onwards. And question Michael’s eye makeup in that first section in the recording studio. But mostly? Laughter reigned.
  4. The revelation of Michael Bolton. He’s back. Oh, how he’s back. And when he’s dressed like Forrest Gump he looks scarily like Vanilla Ice. Am I right? Anyone??
  5. Oh, just watch it. I will too. Again.
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Don’t You Forget About Me… Me! Or, The Importance of Celebrating Success

It’s easy to get caught up in life’s bad moments, whether it’s being made redundant or realising the bread is mouldy when you make your toast in the morning. A lot of people I know, including myself, all too easily skip over their own good moments, their achievements, and choose to focus on any little niggly thing that they feel didn’t go exactly to plan, or they move on to start on the next thing without celebrating previous successes.

Another thing we lose sight of is those dreams we had when we were children. The careers we wanted, the things we’d be amazed by if we knew that we’d achieve them in the future.

The last pay slip I received was really special to me. In fact, as I opened it on the tube, I felt tears in my eyes… it sounds ridiculous now, but I was completely surprised by the sensation. I really hadn’t expected it as I picked up the sealed slip of paper off the mat of the building I live in with my boyfriend in North London. Rushing, I grabbed the post, slammed the door behind me – the damned thing sticks in hot weather – and was making my way down to Regent Street to check out the bunting on the day before the Royal Wedding.

The payslip in question was the first one I’ve ever received as a freelance writer, which could have been the reason for my  later shaky moment among total strangers in a quiet tube carriage. It also came from the National Magazine Company, whose publications I’ve been reading for over a decade, which set it apart from the money I’d been earning as an online editor and writer for the past three years at a celebrity website – which I also loved. I launched that site with my co-editors on behalf of a US company that had been around for only a couple of years, but I had a history with this brand, with their publications, and they’d influenced and educated and entertained me as I navigated my teenage years.

My parents and other half have both had their trials with me and magazines. As I sit here writing this there are two piles of publications by the sofa, and in the bedroom there are more. I don’t just buy UK magazines from basically all publishers, I buy US ones too, as well as the occasional copy of French Vogue. They’re something of an addiction, I suppose…

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