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The Amazing Emma Stone’s Spider-Man promo tour style (and why I want to be friends with her)

While writing a post about Emma Stone’s scene-stealing turn in The Amazing Spider-Man for Screen Siren, I realised just how many amazing outfits she’s worn to promote the film, not least her Chanel dress from last night’s LA premiere (last pic)!

Not only does she have great (and eclectic) style, I’m a huge fan of her as an actress, and the way she comes across in interviews too. She’s the type of girl you can imagine having a proper laugh with, and she never seems afraid to make a fool of herself to raise a smile. That’s not always true of Hollywood-types, and I think it’s one of the reasons she’s so well-liked. Check out her Dance Dare on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show to see what I mean. Amazing.

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Inside the ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 1’ UK Premiere

I’ve been to a fair few movie premieres in my time, usually penned in on the sidelines with the rest of the online press, trying to grab the stars for quick interviews before they move on to the droves of devoted fans and sign autographs. It’s always fun, it’s always an adrenaline-rush for the hour they’re on the carpet, but there’s usually about two hours of waiting around in the cold before they show up, and then… you only rarely get a ticket inside, instead attending press screenings.

So, it was great to go to the ‘Breaking Dawn: Part I’ premiere last night in Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford, and do all the fun bits with none of the uncomfortable waiting around, or the work(!). It was one of the biggest premieres of the year, with what felt like the longest red (and white) carpet in the world. Some fans apparently camped out for days to catch a glimpse of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, but they didn’t seem knackered in the slightest. In fact, I’ve never seen people so overexcited… except maybe when I covered the ‘Eclipse’ premiere last year.

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DVD Delight: Whip It

Drew Barrymore Director Whip It

I first watched Whip It in a movie theatre in the East Village, shortly after a cab ride from JFK and a quick check in at our hotel. I was exhausted when I sat down in my seat – always more comfy than UK viewing conditions – but by the time I left the cinema I was totally elated and energised. When I got back to London I actually counted down the weeks until it was released and I could watch it again, and Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut remains one of my favourite DVDs to play when I’m feeling a little blue or run down.

The book / memoir by Shauna Cross – Derby Girl – is just as fun, and I’d highly recommend you read it if you loved the film, but there’s something about seeing those brutal roller derby bouts, featuring teams of individual female characters (that you really want to be friends with) on screen that enhances the story. I know at least one person who now skates in a team because of the film, and I thank everything that I didn’t give in to my temptations to try out – I’m the kind of person who manages to break her elbow in the comfort of her living room. Still, my derby dreams live on when I watch this film.

With some of my favourite actresses involved, including Drew, Alia Shawkat, Ari Graynor, Ellen Page, and Juliette Lewis, as well as a standout turn from Kristen Wiig – who I can’t wait to see in Bridesmaids – it has a superb female cast and great guys in the lineup too, including Jimmy Fallon, Andrew Wilson and Daniel Stern. Excuse me… I’m going to go watch it right now.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at it all under the cut:

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