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Stuck In My Head: ‘Ignition’ by R Kelly

Yes… This happens once in a while. Ignition appears inside my brain and decides leaving the confines of it just isn’t something it wants to do. In fact, I watched most of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on TV earlier, and it carried on spinning in my head throughout. Perhaps posting it will change that. Fingers crossed!

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Shia LaBeouf gets naked in new addiction-inspired Sigur Ros video

Alma Har’el directs the new video for Fjögur Píanó by Sigur Ros, which features a completely naked Shia LaBeouf and Denna Thomsen. It’s arty, beautiful, bizarre and very NSFW, but what’s it all about?

Har’el told the Wall St. Journal:

“[It’s] about addiction to drugs, or sex, or anything–and how you get stuck in a cycle. For me, it’s about not knowing how to get out of something without causing pain to somebody else.”

Check it out right now…

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Kirsten Dunst is low-key and lovely in REM’s last vid

Since I watched Melancholia last week, I’ve become a bit enchanted with Kirsten Dunst and her laid-back low-key California girl look again. Here she is in REM’s just-released video for We All Go Back To Where We Belong.

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Instant Musical Joy: The Jackson 5 – I Want You Back

No song puts me in a better mood. Fact.

You know you want to listen to this. Keep on reading for a video of the Jackson 5 which is going to make you want to wear weather-themed clothes. I now NEED a fringed top to wear while dancing around the flat to this song.

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LASH Loves: The Lonely Island feat. Michael Bolton

  1. It’s The Lonely Island… so I was already pretty much sold.
  2. Andy Samberg. He has one of my favourite expressive faces on TV (see also: Aziz Ansari) and everything I see him in that isn’t an SNL sketch – except music videos – makes me laugh. Whether it’s funny or just his face. I don’t think I will ever really understand the humour in most of the sketches on SNL…  but, I do often appreciate what people do afterwards – recently Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler etc.
  3. It made me laugh a lot from that first chorus onwards. And question Michael’s eye makeup in that first section in the recording studio. But mostly? Laughter reigned.
  4. The revelation of Michael Bolton. He’s back. Oh, how he’s back. And when he’s dressed like Forrest Gump he looks scarily like Vanilla Ice. Am I right? Anyone??
  5. Oh, just watch it. I will too. Again.
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