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Wipe that mud / makeup / beer / sweat off your face… AKA the magic of wipes

I haven’t been stuck in traffic on the way to the Isle of Wight festival in the past 24 hours (thank god), and I won’t be trudging through mud to see bands this weekend… but festival season is well and truly upon us again. Mud, sunscreen, sand, sweat, other people’s sweat, beer, various other beverages – maybe I just have bad luck, but generally, I get covered in any and all of these things at festivals. And it’s not like it’s easy to get clean. These music-filled magic weekends and holidays in general are the time for multi-purpose beauty products. For one thing, no one wants products to take up half their suitcase when there could be space for an extra pair of shoes, and for another… it’s just really convenient.

I’ve pared down my beauty bag pretty well. My last holiday was in New York, and after I’d walked tens of blocks all day, downed multiple sour apple martinis in the evening, the last thing I have any want to do is go through a three step process to remove whatever was carefully applied to my face earlier (makeup, pollution, and probably a bit of whatever I had for dinner…) Basically, I carry facial wipes every single time I’m away from home for a night or more. I don’t tend to use them when I’m at home unless I’m feeling super-lazy, I prefer either Crowe’s Cremine (my mum’s favourite) or Bioderma Crealine H2O.

But while I’m away, I always pick up wipes. Kindly, Kleenex have sent me some of their new range of cleansing products – specifically their Facial Cleansing Wipes and their Eye Makeup Removal Wipes. Now, I would tend to use the same pack of wipes for my eyes, and anywhere else that needed cleaning – especially if they were marked ‘extra gentle’, as the Facial Cleansing Wipes are – I know that some people are more discerning. Still, I figured I’d check out the ingredients of both to see how different they really were – and they are different – but something that I really love about them is the ‘decoded’ ingredients list on the packet. Check it out!

Each ingredient has something next to it to tell you why the hell it’s in there, like “Helps to keep skin soft and smooth” or “Helps keeps wipes fresh” or “Witch Hazel” (why they can’t just write that instead of Hamamelis Virginiana Extract I’ll never know). As they’re each ‘extra gentle’ or ‘sensitive’, the products are fragrance-free, and also made with ecoform natural fibres, that they promise have a lower environmental impact than regular wipes.

So, do they actually work? Yes. They removed makeup, even eye makeup, although I have to admit that the eye makeup remover pads do¬†actually do that job better. The wipes are substantial and don’t tear easily, which makes me even more likely to use them above and beyond their named use. (Aka cleaning as much of my body as possible with them while stuck in a field.) All in all, a thumbs up – they’ll be packed alongside my makeup next time I go away…

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